Goat Head Weed removal?

Help......Please tell me the best way(s) to remove "irradicate for good" Goat Head Weeds. Our site is covered with them as well as sprouting cottonwood trees, everywhere. Thank s

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  • Kryptonian:

    Controlled burn.

  • it is me:

    maybe they can be smoked

  • MJ:

    Wet the entire area or wait till it rains then get some heavy duty gardening gloves go out and pull the buggers out by the root. They will come out really easy this way without the use of pesticides or killing the other grasses. Box them or burn them cause they will rip right through plastic bags and get you when you least expect it. If you do this now and all next summer, you will have no more. I say and next summer as the sticker part of the plants should have already fallen to the ground and planted themselves for the spring.

  • pixieotr:

    the best way I have found is to use a preemrgent in the spring, water well after application so germination can begin and spray weed killer on any that do happen to sprout. dilligance is the only thing that will keep them gone. never allow them to grow and flower, that is when the stickers are formed

  • michaelsmaniacal:

    Hi Cher!
    There’s really only three ways to get rid of it.
    1. In the spring, use a fertilizer like weed-n-feed that has Oryzalin, Benefin, or Triflurian in it. Use this stuff before the weeds sprout, right after the last frost.

    2. Treat your yard with an herbicide like 2:4-D, Dicamba, or Glyposate. Just be careful, these all kill all broad leaf plants, and the Glyposate kills EVERYTHING. The other two can be used right on the grass without harming it.

    or, for the ecology minded out there,
    3. There are a couple of kinds of bugs, weevils I think, that live on this stuff, and will kill them all in a season or two. Check out a farm supply store for the right bug.

    Oh yea, one other idea. Goat weed is said to possess extraordinary powers of aphrodisia. You could sell it to all the dirty old men in the neighborhood, make all the dirty old ladies happy.